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An illustration is not a photograph. It is not a one-to-one mapping. Rather, an illustration is an illusion, a dream, a wish... the icing on the cake of an event.

Marta Skowronek

My career

How I came to illustration...

I have my mother to thank for my talent. The interest came by itself. Even as a child I loved to draw. Through numerous detours and encounters with inspiring women, I found my original passion again. Today I rejoice in being an inspiration to others, a kind of guide that leads us to our own heart. The illustration pays homage to femininity and life.

What do you like about your job?

On the one hand I love the pictorial representation and free interpretation of the felt reality that is otherwise inaccessible to the eye, on the other hand it is simply nice to make other people happy, be it with an event illustration or with my acrylic paintings.

What motivates you in particular?

My main motivations are inspiring other people, the honest spontaneity of drawing, triggering positive emotions and creating something beautiful that adds enduring value.

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