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Marta's fashion illustration

Fashion illustration has been a popular alternative to fashion photography since the beginning of the 20th century. Marta Skowronek implements this artistic form of fashion illustration in her works with talent and sensitivity.


More than simple fashion drawings


Marta's fashion illustrations are much more than simple fashion sketches or ordinary fashion illustrations. The artist creates detailed, stunning illustration coverage of fashion events of all kinds. Marta's illustrations are true works of art. In stunning individual images she sketches the overall picture of your fashion show or fashion exhibition, emphasizing essential elements such as colors, shapes and patterns. Marta also puts the interior of the event space, the ambience and the stand-out features of the models on paper with artistic sensitivity. Incidentally, the fashion illustration is not just an artistic souvenir. After the event it can be integrated into the portfolio of your collection and serve as a beautiful and at the same time convincing advertising medium.


The magic of the moment


Marta masters all the secrets of conveying emotions. Fashion drawing is not just sketching and coloring. Whether Marta works with watercolors like watercolor or uses ink and acrylic, her works have one thing in common through the series: they appear more expressive and lively than most fashion illustrations. Those who fall in love with Marta's illustrations aren't interested in boring precision drawings that look like they were traced from photographs. Marta's works stand for subtlety and temperament. The illustrator is not interested in making the most realistic of fashion sketches. She wants to achieve quite different things with her works. With her illustrations Marta captures emotions and gives us the opportunity to feel again, to direct our consciousness to important elements that have a soul and want to tell us something. That's why the artist will only vaguely hint at some details of her artworks and deliberately highlight others: a stroke of writing here, a blink of an eye there, the delicate petals of a bouquet of flowers, the intense colors of a dress, smudged makeup, the shine of a coffee cup ... Marta translates for us the magic of the moment.

How did it all actually begin? How long have you been working in fashion illustration?    

Even as a child I loved to draw and had the desire to work in a creative profession. Fashion illustration combines my passion for drawing with my interest in fashion trends. Fashion is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Since December 2020 I have been working full-time as an illustrator.

How did you find your distinctive style?

My style developed all by itself over many years. I like capturing certain elements in a short amount of time with quick and dynamic strokes, like style, colors, atmosphere and so on.

What media or tools do illustrators work with? For example, what are your favorite media?

Most illustrators work with watercolours, ink, colored pencils and various markers, but increasingly also digitally. Personally, I enjoy experimenting with acrylic and ink. Another of my favorite mediums is the Copics drawing or just the pencil.

How do fashion illustrators work?

Fashion illustrators work very differently. Mostly based on existing fashion photos, look books or fashion shows. Everyone tries to illustrate the essentials with more or less details in their own style. There is still a lot of freehand drawing. But many also digitize their sketches. In this way, changes can be made quickly.

What makes a good fashion illustration?

To me, a good illustration is made with a few well-placed strokes. It is not worked out in the smallest detail but a quick presentation of the most important features. It can be the cut, the colour, a pattern or a silhouette. Above all, it is important to recognize the main idea in the design and then to put it on paper.

How do you become a fashion illustrator?

By being passionate about drawing. A degree or training in this field can be an advantage. But I am a living example that this is absolutely not a must.

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