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Personalized fashion drawings at brand and team building events

Something very special...

Christmas party, new collection, product presentation or anniversary event?

Offer your employees, business partners or customers a very special highlight!

In five to ten impressive minutes, Marta Skowronek puts the silhouettes of the event participants on paper. She focuses on clothing and accessories as well as individual expressions and moods. All of the distinctive characteristics of the models are thus sketched in the event illustration with artistic sensitivity in the shortest possible time.

What characterizes an individualized event illustration?

It is a creatively interpreted, complete sketch of one or more silhouettes of the event in a period of five to ten minutes. Outstanding characteristics of the people such as fashion accessories and expression are artistically taken into account.

How exactly does the event illustration work?

The event participants are usually drawn live while standing. But there is also the possibility to be photographed. The event illustration will then be completed with the help of the photograph and can be picked up later.

Which technology and which materials are used?

The illustration is created on very high-quality, structured paper using various pens. Ink is also used as an option. To protect the illustration and as an elegant extra, exquisite passe-partout frames can also be provided.

Illustration work for various events

Marta's illustration work is not only entertaining. They are a beautiful memento and represent an original alternative to classic photography.

customer reviews

About Live Draw

We are very enthusiastic about the small works of art! It all looks great!

I want me
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making our campaign so stylish and
used authentically.

brand event

Awesome illustrations!! I can really recommend Marta as a live act with yours
open-minded and very professional way. Thank you, you on Saturday at our house

brand event

Thank you so much. We and our guests will treasure the drawings forever!

wedding party

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