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In Paris.jpg

​A few selected pictures in acrylic technique

Is commissioned work possible?

Yes, Marta is always happy to accept commissioned work. However, she only does personal illustrations based on models at events. If you have an idea for a specific image, you can use the contact form to submit a request. It is best to state your exact ideas, the format, the desired material and your desired date right away. Marta will then contact you promptly and inform you whether the implementation of your art project is feasible.

customer reviews

About acrylic paintings

Dear Marta, I've been following you on Instagram for a while and love your pictures, your happiness and
the easy way they draw...

xxxxx xxxxx

Hi Marta, I really like your illustrations! Got them at Westwing right now
discovered, but unfortunately all the pictures there are sold out.”

xxxxx xxxxx

Dear Marta, thank you very much for these wonderful works!! I have them this afternoon
received and I am very, very, very happy - a goosebump feeling :)

xxxxx xxxxx

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