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Plan a celebration
for a special occasion?

And would you like to give your guests something unique?

You can also delight your guests with Marta's illustrations at private events. A milestone birthday, a wedding celebration, a christening? On such important occasions in life one often feels the need to express one's gratitude to the fellow human beings present. Giving your guests live drawings by Marta Skowronek is a wonderful way of saying thank you. In addition, the talented illustrator's sensitive artwork represents a lasting memento of this important day for the host as well.

Why is an event illustration also a great idea for private parties?

In addition to a lasting and exquisite souvenir, you offer your guests an unforgettable, venerable moment that is deeply rooted in their memories and leaves a feeling of connection and mutual appreciation in everyone's heart.

Why does Marta actually illustrate her sketches in the style of fashion drawings?

Fashion drawings and fashion art illustrations suggest the world of luxury to many people. Your guests should get the unique feeling of being in the limelight and being able to take part in a very special event.

To what extent does Marta's manual work add value?

It is not just the materials used, such as paper, pens and passe-partouts, that represent absolute added value. The quality of the handmade event drawing, especially in the digital age, also lies in the intention to create something that actually exists and is tangible.

How long does the event illustration take and how many guests can be sketched at the celebration?

An event illustration is relatively quick. In five to ten minutes, the complete silhouette of a model standing or previously photographed guest is created. Marta can illustrate around 40 people at your party within five hours.

Appointment request or additional information needed?

No problem! You can report at any time.

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