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Event illustration

Immortalize your event with a live drawing

Whether at business events that serve brand communication or team building, at private events such as weddings or perhaps at a fashion show, with an event illustration you will be remembered by your guests for a long time.

And for you too, these works of art are a unique opportunity to document your event in a stylish and original way. The personalized sketches of individuals, couples or groups are created in five to ten minutes. Detailed information on event illustration can be found in the descriptions of the various event categories.

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business events

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private events


fashion events

In addition to a guaranteed entertainment effect, the event illustration is an extremely beautiful memento for the family or company album.

Who doesn't like being illustrated and understood by a sensitive artist?


Marta's personal interpretation and artistic realization of important moments of existence conjures up a relaxed smile on almost every face. And even years later, the sight of these lovingly made one-offs brings people joy. In short, Marta Skowronek's event illustration offers your event authentic and lasting added value.

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