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The poetry of the moment

Images and illustrations by Marta Skowronek

The Bavarian-based artist and illustrator not only impresses with a sophisticated technique and a distinctive, spirited style.

The special thing about her works is undoubtedly her eye for beautiful detail, thanks to which she captures the subtle elegance of the moment in a few, spontaneous and well-placed strokes. Be it in a live performance at various events or in the quiet of her own studio, Marta's pictures and illustrations let the creative power of the moment speak.

My work includes

French Breakfast_29,7x42_Papier_

Style illustration with a wink

Bildschirmfoto 2021-09-25 um 21.33.52.png

Personalized fashion drawing at events


Fast drawing at fashion events

customer reviews

About Live Draw

We are very enthusiastic about the small works of art! It all looks great!

I want me
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making our campaign so stylish and
used authentically.

brand event

Awesome illustrations!! I can really recommend Marta as a live act with yours
open-minded and very professional way. Thank you, you on Saturday at our house

brand event

Thank you so much. We and our guests will treasure the drawings forever!

wedding party


Style illustration with a wink

Selected customers


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